Hey there! My name is Matt Bengston, and I’m a web developer and gear head based out of beautiful Richmond, VA.

I currently work as a Senior Front End Developer at ICF Olson. I have a passion for innovative content delivery and efficient workflows that make developing more fun, and strive to build remarkable web experiences.

I’ve got experience with a multitude of platforms from WordPress to Magento in PHP land, and even Adobe CQ (AEM) in Java land. I constantly work towards improving task management and efficient workflows to make the development of incredibly dynamic sites easier and more fun.

I’m also a total car nut with a particular inclination for old Japanese cars. I currently drive around a 1989 Nissan Laurel C33 imported from Japan, and as a slightly-younger lad I competed in a Formula Drift ProAm series in Texas with my old Nissan 350z race car.

Latest Projects

Roll-a-ball gyroscope game
In Dev

A gyroscope-controlled mobile game based on Super Monkey Ball.

Gyroscope Demo
In Dev

A collection of gyroscope demos both in Unity and the browser.

AWS Lambda Toolkit

A small library of AWS Lambda development tools to help make AWS Lambda development easier.

Optimized Averages

A small utility for calculating optimized averages for estimated beacon distances via bluetooth strength signals.

Handlebars to JSP Gulp Transpiler

A proof of concept Handlebars to JSP Transformer built on Gulp, for those that aren't super stoked on the mighty behemoth that is the Wild West of JSP.

JavaScript 8-puzzle Solver

A JavaScript solution to the classic 8 puzzle, implementing an A* best search algorithm to complete the puzzle.

Import Image Racing Rebuild

A complete website rebuild for Import Image Racing from the ground up, from wireframes and design to complete custom Magento integration.

Platformer video game (TBD)
In Research

A side-scrolling platformer video game built on the Unity game engine, with an emphasis on playability and movement technique.