RB20DET/C33 Laurel Resources

One of the things that really sucks about owning an imported classic car from Japan is the limited resources there are for when stuff goes wrong. This is particularly true with the RB20DET engine, which I’ve got in my Nissan Laurel. There have been numerous occasions where I’ve gone from forum thread to forum thread to forum thread and each one of them completely contradict each other. Even with simple questions that you’d expect a solid, “this is the correct answer” you’ll find yourself hunting and searching for the correct information (ie. the stock boost). It’s maddening!

With this in mind, I’ve decided to make a little resource page with all of the correct information I can find/the exact part numbers of the parts I have personally put on my own car. My goal for this is to create a great resource for people where they can have a reference of exactly the options they have. I hope it can help you out!

With lists, items in bold are what I have personally used/done on my car.

OEM Settings

  • Boost: 0.68bar (~9.86psi)

Maintenance Items

Coolant Temperature Sensor

  • Same as Z32 (300ZX) VG30, part number: SU405

Spark Plugs

  • OEM replacements from FSM:
    • PFR5A-11 (Nissan Part Number 22401-58S15)
    • PFR6A-11 (Nissan Part Number 22401-58S16)
    • PFR7A-11 (Nissan Part Number 22401-58S17)
  • NGK Japan replacement:
    • BCPR6EIX-11
  • US NGK Equivalents:
    • BCPR6E-11
    • BCPR6E
    • BCPR6ES
    • BCPR6ES-11 (easily found at Advance Auto part #6779)
    • BKR6E-11
    • BKR6E
    • BKR6ES-11
    • BKR6ES
  • FSM Recommended gap: 1 - 1.1mm (0.039 - 0.043in)
  • Internet endorsed gap: 0.8mm (0.031in)
  • Other notes:
    • It’s recommend that while iridium/platinum plugs will work just fine, it’s far more cost effective to use copper plugs on the RB20 as they’re just as good and at a fraction of the cost. I was able to buy all 6 of mine for around $13.
    • For NGK, the material the BCPR plugs are copper, the BKR’s are iridium. The number following is the heat range.
    • A great spark plug cross reference guide
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